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Peter is the founding Osteopath of Penrith Osteopathy

Peter is renowned for his gentle yet very effective treatments. The key to his success is his careful diagnosis, with the aim of systematically correcting the problem, rather than just giving a quick short term pain relief.

It has been an exciting voyage of learning and discovery that has enabled Peter to reach a high level of expertise.

Starting out as an accountant, Peter decided to change careers in his late twenties due to poor health. He studied Naturopathy at the NSW College of Natural Therapies to resolve his health issues. Peter went on to study Osteopathy at Pacific College of Osteopathic Medicine and gained his Registration in 1985.

Peter commenced at the Hopewood Health Centre at Wallacia as a full time osteopath/naturopath in 1985. Peter realised that there was a need in Penrith for a practice as there were no osteopaths here at that time and people were beating a path to his home for osteopathic care. Peter established Abundant Health & Lifestyle Centre in 1989, first being located in South Penrith and subsequently being moved to Regentville in 1993. Peter phased back his work at Hopewood and left there in 1995.

In 2004 a second clinic was opened in Lemongrove, this clinic is closer to the Penrith CBD and public transport. Peter believed a higher profile, central clinic would give the public greater access to, and knowledge of osteopathic care. The Lemongrove clinic also has more room to accommodate further therapists with the expanding practice. At this time the practice changed its name to Penrith Osteopathy to reflect the emphasis on Osteopathic care.

From graduation Peter continued his post graduate studies attending many seminars. He describes an Osteopathic seminar in 1994 as the beginning of his development of the techniques he now mainly uses in practice. While the Seminar was taken by a French Osteopath whose English was hard to understand, Peter learnt two things that changed his approach to treatment.

The first is that the body will work with the practitioner’s hands guiding the hands through the fascial movement to where the problem is and secondly that Peter had the skill in his hands to work this way. Peter has carried out extensive study in various Osteopathic disciplines, such as Cranial Osteopathy, Biodynamic Cranial, and Myofascial release methods. From this knowledge and his practice experience Peter has developed his own unique method called The RAY FACILITATION METHOD which is now the mainstay of his practice.

After almost 30 years of practising Osteopathy in Penrith, Peter still remains passionate about Osteopathy and is writing a book on the RAY FACILITATION METHOD and knowledge that he has gained from the thousands of patients he describes as his teachers.