What is unique about our clinic?

lemongroveclinicJust as all manual therapists are not the same, so all osteopaths are not alike. Each osteopath will bring to his or her practice what is unique to them. Likewise not all patients are the same, they have different needs and wants. Our patients not only desire to relieve their pain and discomfort but they also want to enjoy a better quality of life and health. With our treatments the two go hand in hand.

Our clinic has served the Penrith region for over 20 years. In that time we have developed a vast amount of experience and knowledge.

The methods we use have been carefully developed over many years enabling us to know what is most effective and efficient for each patient.

We have chosen to follow certain principles in our practice.

I. First do no harm this being part of the Hippocratic Oath. It does not matter how seemingly effective a technique or treatment is, if it has the potential to cause harm to any patient we avoid it. We do not risk a minority for the benefit of the majority.

2.We always choose the technique which is the most gentle for the situation. The human body is a most finely tuned and balanced mechanism. What makes it so amazing is the toughness of such a mechanism. However all abuse is registered at some level within that mechanism and this is easily observed in the aging of the patient. For example, participants of some contact sports often have bodies that have aged considerably compared to those who have been more gentle with their bodies. We use no thrusting or cracking techniques in our clinic as we believe there are safer and gentler alternatives.

3. Our clinic is established to create a calming soothing environment for the patient. From the moment of entry our helpful staff are there to make your experience as beneficial as possible. This is combined with attractive decor and gentle effective treatments. We have learned over many years that the better the clinical environment the better the patient response to treatment.

Many authorities today state that stress is the biggest cause of disease and suffering in our society. We are in a unique situation to facilitate improvement and healing by our clinical environment and gentle methods. Using the appropriate osteopathic techniques the nervous system is calmed and the patient finds a reduction in their stress levels.

Welcome again to our clinic and in the following pages you will find information to enable you to experience the benefits our clinic has to offer.